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5 major functions of cooling pads

The cooling pad is cooled by water. Under the water circulation, it can effectively improve the humidity of the air, instantly cool the air and make the environment fresher.The function of the cooling pad could be summarized for 5 points:

1. High efficiency and energy saving

The exhaust fan with cooling pad cooling system combine the fan and the cooling pad to artificially reproduce the physical process of natural water evaporation and cooling, and the power consumption is only one tenth of the traditional central air-conditioning.

cooling pads1


Under the mutual cooperation of the whole system, the exhaust fan quickly removes the heat, exhaust gas and odor generated by indoor personnel and machines, avoiding the irritation of exhaust gas and odor to the human body. The entire indoor air can be refreshed once a minute, which that general air-conditioning cannot achieve.

3. Improve work efficiency

The exhaust fan with cooling pad cooling system solves the problems of hot and oxygen content deficiency in workshop, and improves workers’ attention .Using cooling pad for cooling can not only solve the problem of sultriness of workshop, but also generate negative ion oxygen while water evaporating and cooling, increase the oxygen content in the air to regulate emotions, relieve fatigue and improve work efficiency.

3.Healthy and environment friendly

The system uses water as the refrigerant, which will not pollute the environment when production and using. In addition to increasing the air humidity, the exhaust fan with cooling pad system also has the function of purifying the dust and particles carried by the outside air,circulating fresh air in the workshop.

cooling pads2

5. Strong applicability

The cooling pad cooling system has wide applicability, and can play a significant role in crowded places, large heat sources places, or places prone to pollution and poor ventilation.Such as textile workshops, garment workshops, injection molding workshops, hardware factories, shoe material factories, electronics factories, etc., the corresponding systems can be designed according to different environments, and it can adjust different wind speed and air volumes according to the specific indoor conditions, which is very flexible.

Post time: Sep-07-2022