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How to understand the parameters of exhaust fan motor

Exhaust fan is a new type energy-saving and environment-friendly ventilation and cooling equipment, which is mainly used to solve the poor ventilation problems, such as high temperature , stuffy, smoke and odor, dust etc. Popular is called large exhaust fan, that is, one kind of big fan with shutters installed on the windows of many factory workshops. The main structure of exhaust fan is outer frame, fan blade, motor, shutter, safety protection net, etc, the core component is motor.

The exhaust effect, service life and power consumption of the exhaust fan are directly related to the motor. The motor with good and bad quality ,also different grade and brand of different manufacturers. Generally, the exhaust fan produced by regular large factories will adopt high-quality pure copper wire motors, the main purpose is to ensure energy efficiency and reduce failure rates. There is a motor namepalte on the exhaust fan motors, which indicates the parameters such as voltage, power, motor grade, speed and current value,etc. These are the performance attributes and the ID card of the motor. These parameters are meaningful, the users can also know the overall quality of the exhaust fan through these parameters.


1、 Motor power:

The motor power will be clearly indicated on the common motor nameplate.This value is generally expressed in kilowatt (kw). If it is 1.1 kw, it means that the power consumption of the motor in one hour is 1.1 degrees. When consumers know the power on the exhaust fan motor, they can calculate the line load, power consumption and electricity charge.It should be noted that, the higher the power of the exhaust fan motor not necessarily mean the better the exhaust volume and exhaust efficiency of the fan, because the suction volume and effect of the exhaust fan are not only related to the motor power, but also related to the motor speed, fan blade diameter, fan blade angle, pulley rotation speed , fan blade numbers etc.

Now more and more manufacturers are studying more energy-saving and environment-friendly exhaust fans. If can achieve the same exhaust volume and exhaust effect, the smaller the motor power, the more energy-saving, and the lower cost for users.

2、 Motor voltage:

There is a voltage parameter on the motor nameplate of exhaust fan.The voltage of different countries and regions is different. In China,if the value is 380V, it means that the connected power supply is three-phase 380V industrial power. If the value is 220V, it means that the connected power supply is 220V single phase lighting power.If the connected power supply is wrong, the motor will burn , or even the whole circuitwill burn.

3、 Motor speed:

The motor speed of exhaust fan represents the shaft rotation times per hour when the motor is dead load. This parameter is related to fan blade rotation times. The biggest relationship with the user is that the higher speed of the exhaust fan, the bigger motor noise. The lower speed of the exhaust fan, the more less noise will be generated when used. In order to reduce the noise,will change size of the pulley to reduce the motor speed. So it is wrong to think that the higher the motor speed is, the larger the exhaust air volume .

4、 Motor brand:

The brand stated on the motor nameplate represents the motor manufacturer. Users can find the motor manufacturer through this brand, and can also identify the motor quality according to the brand. Once the motor causes a safety accident,the manufacturer can also be held responsible according to the brand


5、 Protection grade:

The motor protection grade stated on the motor nameplate of the exhaust fan represents the motor insulation grade and waterproofing grade. Generally, the higher the protection grade, the higher temperature resistance of the fan motor, the longer the continuous operation time, and the better efficiency of waterproofing. On the contrary, if the motor protection grade is relatively low, the insulation will not good, the lower high temperature resistance and the shorter the service life.


The motor of exhaust fan is special. Generally, the exhaust fan manufacturer customized the motor from the motor manufacturer according to the technical needs. As a user, we only need to understand the meaning of parameters stated on the motor nameplate of exhaust fan. We don’t need to learn more about the production process and structure of the motor.

Post time: Oct-25-2022