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Maintenance method of exhaust fan

Exhaust fan is a long -term use of electrical equipment,the main function is to solve the problems of forced ventilation, smoke exhaust, dust exhaust and other poor ventilation of large workshops.Good quality and good maintenance and cleaning can well protect the exhaust fans and maximize its effectiveness.The exhaust fan damaged from time to time due to the incorrect cleaning and maintenance of fan. We have summarized some precautions for cleaning the fan:

Maintenance method of exhaust fan1

1. Daily maintenance of exhaust fan:

1. Regularly check whether the screws on the fan motor frame and other parts are loose;

2. Regularly check whether the fan blade screws are loose;

3. Check whether the fan motor runs well, slows down, starts buffered, and makes high noise;

4. Check whether the fan control switch is stable and the circuit is in good condition;

5. Check whether the voltage is stable and keep the circuit in good condition;

6. Keep the fan clean.

Maintenance method of exhaust fan2

2. methods for reasonable cleaning of exhaust fans:

1. Motor: When maintaining the exhaust fan, you must disconnect the main power of the motor, check whether the motor ground wire is on good condition, and use the multimeter to detect whether the insulation resistance of the motor meets the regulations.Check the main circuit contacts,and test whether the switch device that control the exhaust fan is in good condition.

2. Fan blades: Clean the dust and dirt on the exhaust fan blade, tighten the screws of the fan blades and the leaf plate, and rotate the fan blades to check whether the fan blades are balanced,and observe whether the fan blade shakes and loosens.

3. Belt: Adjust the belt tightness of the exhaust fan. The belt is rubber material. After a period time of usage, it will definitely be soft and slippery. If the belt is too lose, it will cause the motor idling.The air volume of exhaust fan will be reduced,and even the motor will not draw air when idling. Use a wrench to loosen the belt to tighten the screw, move the motor, adjust the belt to the position, and remember that the belt of the exhaust fan should not be too tight. If too tight,the negative pressure of the motor increases, and the belt will accelerate the aging and wear.

Post time: Nov-17-2022