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Precautions for installation of air cooler

Air coolers are also environmental friendly air conditioners, water air conditioners, evaporative air conditioners, etc., just different callings. Air coolers are widely used in manufacturing, animal husbandry and other fields. How to install and what precautions should be taken during installation?

Precautions for installation of air cooler1

Selection of installation position of air cooler and how to install

1. Install the main unit of the air cooler at the windward side of the building, as better as possible.

2. The air cooler shall be wall mounted as far as possible. Materials shall not be placed under the cooler. It shall not be installed near the exhaust outlet with odor, water vapor or odor gas;

3. When the outdoor air quality is good, the installation of the air cooler is the installation environment of the short air duct;

4. It is necessary to ensure that the installation frame structure can support more than twice the weight of the whole chiller main body, air duct and installation personnel, so as to ensure the project and use;

5. If there are not enough doors or windows in the cooled room, a special forced exhaust fan shall be installed separately, and the exhaust volume shall be more than 70% of the total air supply volume of the air cooler;

6. The main engine of the air cooler must be installed horizontally as a whole, and strong typhoon prevention measures should be taken. The mounting bracket must be able to bear a dynamic load of more than 250kg. The mounting bracket more than 3m above the ground should be equipped with guardrails. Tap water shall be used as much as possible for water inflow, and the water quality shall be kept clean. If the water quality is too hard, it shall be filtered and softened first. The drain pipe shall be connected to the sewer to keep it unobstructed.

Precautions for installation of air cooler2

Precautions for installation of air cooler:

1. The installation of the air cooler mainly includes two parts: the installation of the main body and the installation of the air supply duct. Generally, the main body is installed outdoors, and the air enters the room through the air supply duct. In order to make the main body of the air cooler give better play to its advantages, it is better to install it in a place with good ventilation, not in the return air mode, but in the fresh air mode. The central part of the building is the cold air transmission position.

2. Secondly, the air supply duct must match the model of the air cooler, and the air supply duct should be designed according to the actual installation environment and the number of air outlets. Attention shall be paid to the following when installing the main unit of air cooler:

(1) The power supply is directly connected to the outdoor host, so it should be equipped with an air switch;

(2) Seal and waterproof the pipes between indoor and outdoor to avoid rainwater leakage;

(3) Unobstructed fresh air supply is the requirement for the installation environment of air coolers. There should be open or semi open doors or windows;

(4) The bracket of the air cooler shall be able to support the weight of the whole machine body and maintenance personnel, and it is better to weld steel pipes.

The above information explains how to install the air cooler, precautions during installation and other information from two aspects for your reference.Depite the quality of air cooler itself, installation and design are also important links, which will also affect the overall effect.

Precautions for installation of air cooler3 Precautions for installation of air cooler4

Post time: Sep-28-2022