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Portable Industrial Cooling Air Cooler

Short Description:

Low Investment, high efficiency( just 1/8 comsumption compare with traditional central air conditioning);
Could exchange and vent the muddy, stuffy and smelly air from inside;
Energy Saving and Environmental Friendly, as it does not use any chemical refrigerant such as Freon;
Air volume:18000m³/h
Application area :80-120㎡/set
Power :1.1KW/1.5KW/2.2KW
Fan type: Axial Flow Fan
Host air outlet size:670X670mm
Duct outlet size:650*450mm
Dimension( L*W*H):1080*1080*1250mm

Product Detail

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Good cooling effect: rapid cooling, effective cooling of 4-12 degrees
Long air supply distance: the maximum straight-line air supply distance is 30m,
Adjustable air supply direction: 120 degrees up and down, swinging left and right,
Self braking function: safer and more assured
Cooling at will: move 360 degrees, could according to the people’s position, then adjust and move the air cooler position.
Portable air cooler fan can be effective for spot cooling in areas of the factory that get especially hot .These may be molten metal pouring areas,injection moulding areas or places radiating heat from furnances.

Special Attention Should Be Paid To During The Use Of The Air Cooler:

Check whether the power is turned on before starting the machine.
All fire sources shall not be close to the outdoor cooling fan. In case of thunder, cut off the power switch as much as possible.
Under no special circumstances (except for places where it is required to be turned on 24 hours a day), the power should be turned off when no one is using the air cooler at work, allowing the air cooler to stop and rest after running for several hours to increase its operating life and performance.
When shutting down the device, you should switch off the controller on the wall first and then cut off the power, never switching off the power directly while the air cooler is running.
If the cooling fan fails to be cooled or ventilated during use, check the fault information of the controller on the wall, turn off the cooling fan, and wait for the after-sales service to come to the door.
When the air cooler is shut down and not used, the air cooler should be checked again (check content refer to the first point), and the air cooler should be cleaned to prepare for the next use.

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